The “A Prioritized Life”, a podcast about family life focused on living according to what is important to (ie your priorities).  It’s goal was to assist in streamlining a persons life in areas like finances, scheduling, home organization, parenting and more. It ran 16 episodes from October 2015-March 2016, and was cohosted by Jenn Fowler and Lynnae McCoy.

Although a year in sabbatical at the time of this writing, both Jenn & Lynnae hope to be able to revive the show at some point in the future.  You can still enjoy their down to earth viewpoints, easy camaraderie, and interesting guests by listening to the existing podcasts  at A Prioritized Life.

Interested in sponsoring a revival of the show, or in having Jenn and/or Lynnae as a guest?  We are all ears!  Contact us