Jenn speaks and teaches a wide range of topics including food preservation, homesteading, preparedness and social media.¬† Have a topic you don’t see mentioned below? She will create a custom class for you if it falls within her areas of expertise.

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Canning & Food Preservation

Introduction to Food Preservation
Canning and Food Preservation Safety Jams, Jellies & Preserves
Tomatoes, Sauces & Salsa*
Pickles & Relishes*
How to Can Vegetables*
How to Can Meats*
Freezing and Dehydrating*
Canning for Holiday Gifting *
Growing and Drying Herbs
Basics of Fermentation
Historical Food Preservation Methods
Brew wine with wine kit
Making Vinegar
Rendering Lard
Alternate cooking methods
Wild edibles

Homesteading  & Preparedness Topics

Preparedness Planning–How to start making a plan
Long Term Food Storage — Ideas and Methods
Long Term Food Storage — Packaging Practice
Emergency Preparedness — Bugging In (Sheltering in place)
Emergency Preparedness — Bugging Out
Off Grid Cooking Options
Creating a Bug Out (or Get Home) Bag
Compiling your Emergency Documentation Package
Creating a Price Book
Mending — Basic Techniques
Mending — How to Darn a Hole*
Mending — How to Patch Jeans
Mending — Advanced Techniques
Meal Planning

Blogging and Social Media

Facebook for Small Businesses
Basics of Blogging
Keeping Teens and Tweens Safe Online
Creating a Social Media Calendar

*Class includes hands on training.